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eg solutions plc

eg solutions plc

eg solutions plc
Dunston Business Village,
Stafford Road,
ST18 9AB
t: +44 (0) 1785 715772
f: +44 (0) 1785 712541

eg is a back office optimisation software company specialising in two core operations management solutions.

The eg operational intelligence software suite provides historic, real-time and predictive Management Information about all the factors affecting operational performance. It enables Managers and Team Leaders to make the right operational decisions to effectively measure, manage and improve customer service delivery.

eg operational management Implementation and Training services deliver a consistent approach to actively managing work, people and processes anywhere in the world. When used with our software we guarantee to improve operational effectiveness: customer service, quality and productivity standards will improve, rework will be minimised, bottlenecks unlocked and costs reduced. 

These two solutions provide a common tool-set and language to deliver a step change in operational performance in short timescales.

Tried, tested & proven
Our solutions are tried, tested and proven to work in any organisation where process driven operations are critical to business performance - we have completed implementations and improved performance in blue-chip companies throughout the world.

Guaranteed results
eg is the only back office optimisation software company that guarantees return on investment and is paid based on the results delivered - implementations pay for themselves, typically within 6 months.

Contact Centres

Contact Centres can use the eg operational intelligence software suite to provide improved service for customers and develop relationships with back office teams. In addition to the full performance management and reporting capability, the tool also allows Managers and Team Leaders to:

  • Reliably track the detail of call types received by the business allowing decisions to be made based on current trends
  • Provide visibility of all work received and outstanding, allowing quick resolution of chase up calls such as ‘have you received my…’ etc
  • Immediately access any outstanding work handed off to other areas or being processed in back offices on which the caller requires immediate action
  • Provide greater clarity around individual performance KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) which can be masked by the more traditional comparisons of talk time, wrap time, and number of calls handled

The eg operational intelligence suite can be used in parallel with workforce optimisation systems. eg’s software complements the Management Information obtained by workforce optimisation systems by providing a more detailed breakdown, so the right operational decisions can be made to effectively measure, manage and improve customer service delivery.

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