Keynote: Mobile Service

Most customers live mobile lifestyles. It is easy to appreciate that smartphone and tablet based user engagement is a completely different an experience from using a laptop or landline. Yet how many organisations have begun to transition their thinking around m-commerce and mobile marketing to their contact centres? Martin Hill-Wilson, reknown industy consultant on customer engagement, provides a deeply informed briefing in an area of growing importance for customer service and sales operations. 

This session tackles the unique challenges and opportunities of mobile customer service. We expect real time effectiveness. Video, voice and text become ‘click to’ services The ‘Swiss army knife’ level of functionality embedded in these devices reinvents how customer and brand can help each other in service resolution. Customer service needs re-imagining for your mobile users

Martin Hill Wilson is an independent consultant with a long standing track record in customer engagement strategy and implementation, He is a well known international speaker and chair for contact centre and customer engagement conferences . He is also a global authority on social customer service and co-author of “Delivering Effective Social Customer Service" He formed his consultancy Brainfood in 2008.