New Developments in Planning

1: Meet Grant, Teleopti’s new WFM bot. He’s an interactive resource planner helping your agents with their requests. Further pitches coming soon, expect to hear about new developments in Forecasting & Capacity Planning

Join Teleopti as we take our employee empowerment automation to the next level and make working life even easier for your employees. Meet Grant Bot, your agents new co-worker, who can help out with essential workforce management tasks such as granting and denying agent requests, as well as making the switches! Teamed with our MyTime Mobile App, your agents have access to powerful self-service possibilities to help increase their engagement and loyalty.

Magnus Geverts is head of Business Development at Teleopti. He has two decades of experience from Workforce Management as a Consultant, Head of Development, Head of Marketing and Head of Global Sales for Teleopti, a market leader in Workforce Management solutions. In 2010 he relocated to New York where he successfully built up Teleopti operations in both North and South America before moving back to Teleopti’s Swedish headquarters to take responsibility for product management, marketing and strategic partnerships. With customers in over 90 countries, Teleopti leads the way in optimization technologies using employee involvement as a catalyst to improve performance.