Service Design Workshop
It’s All About The Customer

There is a lot of talk amongst organisations about how much they value their customers and how delivering a great customer experience is really important to their businesses. But looking at how many companies behave it seems that they are just paying lip service to this way of thinking. 

Delivering a great customer experience is all about designing interactions from a customers’ point of view to meet or even exceed their expectations, thereby increasing customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy. So how do you do this? Together in this workshops we will explore: 

This workshop is designed for those who want a greater understanding about the basic principles of service design and how it can help you to better understand your customer needs to enable you to deliver a great customer experience.


Amy Scott is passionate about improving customer experience and strongly believes that you can’t deliver outstanding service unless you have engaged and empowered employees. Amy spent the past 4 years in Sydney where she worked on the largest Australian service redesign project for the mobile operator Optus and helped Toyota’s dealer network to become more customer focused.



Leigh McIlwaine is Programme Development Manager at The Forum. With over 20 years experience working in the industry,  she is proud to have achieved a high level of specialist skills in Contact Centre & Back Office Resource Planning. Alongside Senior Management level experience of Planning and Operational management, her previous roles have involved business development, business planning and process improvements fit for any business, irrespective of size, sector or industry. Leigh has also worked in both in-house and outsourcing  environments. As a recognised University teacher, she has a passion for striving towards the achievement of Contact Centre roles as a professionally recognised industry.