Analysis & Forecasting Workshop

Drive better decisions in your organisations and make the most of your data by bringing together the best ideas from different communities of analysts. In this interactive session, with practical demonstrations from experienced professionals, we will be exploring some of the statistical truths behind sampling, forecasting, analytics, insight and success measurement that have enabled great advances in both planning and insight.

Analysts have developed a range of skills to interrogate historical data and understand what has happened and why. Forecasters have a variety of techniques to predict future outcomes. Whatever our focus, we face the same statistical limitations and barriers. By sharing the best ideas and techniques from both communities, we can all gain a great deal of knowledge that will support us in our day to day role and help us overcome these barriers to drive a culture of data driven decision making that delivers quantifiable benefit for your organisation. In this workshop you will; 

This session is of interest to decision makers, anybody creating or using forecasts, anybody doing insight and analysis, including speech, VOC and QA analysts, and anybody working on change and continuous improvement.


Bob Stella is Head of Best Practice (Insight) at The Forum. He has been focussing his creative skills on disrupting internal processes and assumptions with insight from seemingly unrelated disciplines, such as psychology, game development, crowd funding and the gig economy, to improve and transform the effectiveness and engagement of Change in our industry.
Throughout his career Bob has remained close to his mantra of fostering efficient environments where engaged people deliver extraordinary service. It is our affinity for people engagement and exceptional results that has kept Bob so close to The Forum for so long and why he will be a great asset in our joint pursuit of superior service through professionalisation.


Ian Robertson is Insight & Customer Experience Specialist at The Forum. He has worked in the customer contact centres for the past 15 years, starting out as a customer service advisor dealing with correspondence, inbound and outbound calls and emails. This provided him with the insight of customers and the frontline roles that has been the foundation for his subsequent roles. Ian then worked as a quality coach with onshore advisors as well as offshore outsourcers. Over time this gradually migrated to a more analytical role, drawing insight from NPS surveys and comments, then using this to help shape the quality framework.  For the last 5 years Ian has been working with Speech and Text Analytics, using this to provide valuable insight into the customer experience and journey, and also improved feedback and coaching. Ian was part of the team at British Gas that won an Innovation Award in 2011 for using Speech Analytics to drive sustained behavioural change. Ian is passionate about producing relevant and engaging insight and using this to support people in providing a great service.  He is here to support our members in such topics as Speech and Text Analytics, effective engagement, multichannel analysis, producing relevant insight and using their quality framework to drive the right behaviours.

Paul Jackson-Moss is a Planning Specialist at The Forum. He has17 years’ experience of end to end resource planning in Contact centres, motivated by a challenge and a passion for identifying and delivering improvements not just for the customer but those on the frontline in planning and operations. Paul has developed forecasting and resource management solutions in multi-skilled, multi-site, multi-channel environments across Insurance, Sales, and finance sectors. In 2016 Paul was an integral part of the team at the Co-operative bank that won the Innovation Award for Planning Strategy and the Team of the Year award at the National Planning awards. In 2015 he was presented with Analyst of the Year for his role in transforming the Business Processing Operations and back office planning capability at the Co-operative bank. And Paul played a key role in Shop Directs ‘Customer 1st’ programme for which they won the Innovation Award for Customer Experience transformation in 2010.