Opening Keynote: Be Your Personal Best

Be your personal best: Be stimulated and inspired by today’s opening speakers to release potential within yourselves, your team and your organisations - and set yourself up for the day ahead. 

Speakers Include

Clive Wilson is a passionate keynote speaker, facilitator and coach, whose main focus is the purposeful alignment and leadership of individuals,teams,organisations, and communities. Experienced in working with leaders and groups of all sizes across the world Clive is author of the bestselling book "Designing the Purposeful Organisation  - How to inspire business performance beyond boundaries".



Founder and CEO of QStory, Paddy Coleman is a seasoned entrepreneur, with over 15 years of experience in contact centres, excelling in the design and development of Workforce Planning solutions.



Bob Stella is Head of Best Practice (Insight) at The Forum. He has been focussing his creative skills on disrupting internal processes and assumptions with insight from seemingly unrelated disciplines, such as psychology, game development, crowd funding and the gig economy, to improve and transform the effectiveness and engagement of Change in our industry.
Throughout his career Bob has remained close to his mantra of fostering efficient environments where engaged people deliver extraordinary service. It is our affinity for people engagement and exceptional results that has kept Bob so close to The Forum for so long and why he will be a great asset in our joint pursuit of superior service through professionalisation.

Paul Smedley is Founder and Chair of The Forum, responsible for the strategic development of our best practice programmes, the popular annual conference and the prestigious Innovation Awards. He is also currently champion for our work with the Public Sector, on Customer Strategy and on Customer Quality Management. Paul established the training, best practice, membership and awards programmes of the Forum and is rated highly for creating enjoyable, interactive training events and seminars. He has presented at conferences and seminars nationally and internationally and has tutored with Lancaster University Management School. He is a member of the Institute of Directors, the Institute of Direct Marketing and the OR Society. In 2010 he was awarded the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award at the European Call Centre and Customer Service Awards, following nomination by his industry peers. Paul was previously operations manager for British Airways’ five UK call centres at a time when sales conversion rose by 15%-25% annually and costs per call reduced in real terms and a project to re-engineer back-office functions resulted in annual savings of 30%. He also has consultancy and training experience with a wide range of clients in most industry sectors.