Service improvement at ACCA: see how changes in how we work together can make a huge impact for our customers.

Be inspired and learn from our 2018 Innovation Award Finalist

Who should attend? This case study will especially interest people in a smaller operation looking to see how planning, insight and training can collaborate. It will interest analysts who believe they can make a difference, managers who want to look at breaking down silos and Quality & Customer Experience teams who want to see results drive change. It gives the chance to hear first-hand about serving a global market and optimising outbound sales campaigns.

Find out about ACCA's Innovation
Starting three years ago, the 2020 strategy at ACCA set out to double their customer base for global accountancy qualifications, and become number one in developing professional accountants the world needs.  This strategy was also about releasing potential within the organisation; it enthused people and created an appetite for change.  Within planning, the team found the courage to grasp this opportunity personally. For instance, the siloed Planning, MI and training now collaborate together as a single team to understand the data and customer. They took ownership of specific changes to the website and payment options that have had a huge impact on customers in the growing Asian market. The number of successful online payments is up by 3% and refunds due to errors are down by 84%. More broadly, calls to make a payment manually reduced by 52% while CSAT is up by from 4.0 in Q2 (16/17) to 4.2 in the same quarter in 17/18 - and based on a recent pulse survey, employee engagement scores are expected to rise when released in January 2018.

Marketing and Planning work together to plan outbound campaigns and advisors always know what is being sent out so there are no surprise calls. CSAT feedback is now used to help plan the next product so that they are working on the areas that customers feel are most important. What this means is that the planning and SI team are now seen as at the centre of the business, with people approaching them for advice when making changes. From small initial steps a huge momentum has been building.