Planning as a trusted partner in the business at Barclays.

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Who should attend? This case study explores how the role and skills of planning teams are starting to change, with more depth of focus on analytical/data/model-building capability and a transformed partnership with corporate teams such as finance/HR. This is for business leaders, planning managers, insight or planning analysts looking to develop themselves or their teams – also finance teams, professionals in regulated environments or anyone looking to implement corporate planning systems such as Anaplan.

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are transforming the role & responsibilities of their group contact centre planning team, by introducing a financial planning tool called Anaplan, which has created a new space for collaboration with Finance, HR and other teams across the business and their outsource suppliers. Crucially it provides a single, central database, a rule-based platform for model building and robust audit, control and knowledge sharing. Sales, service, collections, fraud and bespoke business units all now use a singular forecast and process engine. This is a world apart from the multiple, local EXCEL models, with key knowledge held in the minds of individual analysts. Analysts have freed up as much as 80% of their time, using far fewer systems to access data, which means they now analyse data rather than just create reports. This has seen the team develop and recruit very different skills sets, which in turn changes perceptions about the role of planning and the career pathways for analysts. In the past the team might have spent two or three weeks creating a report; now they can bring full modelling into a new area in just 3 days. The team are now able to extend their responsibility as planners to new value-add activities, for instance they are now becoming the source of end-to-end operational performance commentary across all metrics – resource, cost and quality. The system holds two years of data and model reliability/forecast accuracy has improved from 5% to 3%. Anaplan also works with tighter security with specific log ins for the analysts.