The power of Speech Analytics to lift coaching performance and customer service at Sky UK

Be inspired and learn from our 2018 Innovation Award Finalist

Who should attend? This case study offers real insight for anybody looking to improve compliance, customer experience, effectiveness or breaking down organisational siloes. Take the opportunity to learn how Speech Analytics and targeted insight and effective coaching can be used to make a real difference.

Find out about Sky’s Innovation  
Learn how the opportunity of a major change in internal focus to deliver the best service in the country and a challenge from their regulator catalysed activity to transform the Save Sky operation, driving tangible improvements for both customers and the business.  The power Speech Analytics data provided a vital catalyst and enabled this rapid journey of transformation.  With a clear mind-set to deliver the best service in the country, but also keeping an eye open for the most efficient way to deliver that service, they have put people and customers at the heart of their processes. Multiple internal business units and colleagues for areas such as telephony, technology, compliance and Save operations collaborated with to improve Sky’s customer experience and combine Speech based data with core reporting.  Their innovative Speech-based dashboard creates a compelling and comprehensive view of performance across the metrics that truly matter, highlights best in class and development areas to drive more informed coaching decisions to deliver great customer service.