Developing the planning & insight teams to deliver powerful impact in field operations as well as the contact centre at ADT.

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Who should attend? This case study will be of interest to planners, analysts or operational leaders looking to bring planning into a new area of the business and drive efficiency/change, especially the field or branch operation. It’s also a great chance to see the powerful impact of creating ‘one version of the truth’ that makes performance visible and to learn about making resourcing efficiencies, through effective collaboration and in a unionised environment.

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Just three years after bringing planning to the contact centre the planning & insight team at ADT were asked by the board to support engineer field operations. This was run on a 35-year-old system, everything was managed at a branch level and managers had been tasked with major cost reduction targets. The first task the team took on was to manage the holiday process, as up to a third of engineers could be on holiday at once. They started branch by branch, creating working groups to explain to managers and engineers why they were doing everything and taking honest feedback from them. There was initially some push-back but the president and HR were onside and everyone knew that changes were necessary. They worked closely with the unions also.

Once everyone could see the changes that the improved holiday process made the next step was to produce a comprehensive utilisation database and self-service portal that provided clear information for everyone. Previously lack of visibility and consistency had created a culture of inefficiencies among some engineers and a perceived lack of fairness. This information made it possible to redesign process and tackle individual issues head-on. For instance, productivity improvements through timesheet pre-population and performance management includes an 11% increase in daily site visits, 42% reduction in ‘no access’ visits, 3% overall productivity from June 2017and a 25% reduction in service complaints.

The team then worked collaboratively with Finance, HR & Six Sigma to design, develop and deploy key resource planning practices, from capacity planning (right sizing by branch/skill) or shift design to creation of a single real-time team across contact centre and field operations. Above all, engineers are happier, because they feel that the work they are doing is acknowledged and fairly managed, and better service is being achieved with almost 50 fewer engineers – saving around £450k in overtime and £2.9 m in FTE, over 2 years through natural attrition and performance management.


Beth Redfern, Senior Resource Planner / Operations Manager, Johnson Controls
I have worked at ADT since 2010 after graduating from the University of Manchester, reading Archaeology. I began my planning career as an intra-day analyst, and quickly progressed developing my skills in Scheduling, Forecasting, Management Information, and Long Term Capacity Planning, eventually leading the project to implement a centralised planning function into our Field Service department. I am passionate about providing fantastic customer service through building strong relationships with customers and collaboration with stake holders. The alignment of planning in both Contact Centre and Field has delivered massive improvements in the service we deliver to our customers. Through the success of the Field Planning project I was given the opportunity to effect further change in our Customer Retention Department, bringing together all the things I am passionate about; Planning, Change, Customer Experience and People Management.

Paul Worthington, Senior MI Analyst
“My passion is designing bespoke reports and creating a centralised network of information that is relevant for multiple audiences. I thrive on improvement. On taking an increasingly complex flow of information and portraying it in a way that can be easily understood.” I have worked in an outsourcing environment for almost twenty years where the concept of change has always been commonplace.  I have worked across a very diverse client base, adapting to a variety of different work ethics and meeting their considerably different requirements. In most cases the move between each of these contracts was sudden and it is the nature of my role to facilitate the change and align or recreate reports to match the new business needs within very short timescales. It’s something I see as part of my role as a senior MI analyst. I am a problem solver by nature and change for me presents a new challenge. I joined Tyco / Johnson Controls in 2014 and my experience has helped to create an efficient centralised reporting network, eliminating duplications and, where required, implemented systems to collate complex streams of information and translate them into a more suitable format. I have made it my mission to understand the best approach not only in terms of designing reports, but how appropriate the display of information is portrayed. I engage with leaders to align perspective making it easier for the overall business to collectively discuss and assess the information.