HOW TO: Develop self-serve reporting

As the amount of operational data is constantly growing, it is important to channel our effort to ensure the best return from our valuable analysis resources. Introducing some form of self-serve capability can help. 
Business analysis use to be limited to predefined, high-effort static reports, which took a lot of resource to prepare and the times when self-serve reporting of business intelligence was only viable for large enterprises due to complexity, costs and the skills required are no longer the norm. 

The goal of developing a self-service reporting is to deliver insight that is truly designed with the needs of the customer in mind.

In this session Steve Stewart and Jonathan Moore share their insight on:


Steven Stewart, Senior MI Analyst at Tesco General Insurance.
Steven has led the way with sustained improvement in analytical outputs for their business. An active participant in the Insight professional community, this insight professional has demonstrated, through adaptation of the Forum’s Insight Maturity model, how we develop further, faster by working together to develop best practice.