HOW TO: Tell a story with numbers

Having all the information in the world accessible in one place does not make it easier to communicate your message; it makes it harder. The more information we have to present, the more difficult it is to distill it to the most important elements.
The great mathematician Blaise Pascal said “If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter.”

Creating clear and concise messages, that lead to action in your organization, needs thought and a mechanism to engage the audience.

In this session Marie Montoya and Ian Robertson share their insight on:
Using the Hero’s Journey
Making your message clear
Presenting your data clearly


Marie Montoya, Operations Analyst at RSA 
Marie has huge commitment and a passion for organisational development - creating new methods for communicating Insight so that it has real impact. Furthermore, she has trained over 200 colleagues and enabled them (in turn) to expand the impact of their own department’s Insight. Learn about the importance of: inductive reasoning, clear data and a clear message.

Ian Robertson, Customer Contact Specialist  at The Forum 
Ian has worked in the customer contact centres for the past 15 years, starting out as a customer service advisor dealing with correspondence, inbound and outbound calls and emails.  This provided him with the insight of customers and the frontline roles that has been the foundation for his subsequent roles.  Over time he migrated to more analytical roles, drawing insight from NPS surveys and comments, then using this to help shape the quality framework.  For the last 5 years Ian has been working with Speech and Text Analytics, using this to provide valuable insight into the customer experience and journey, and also improved feedback and coaching.  Ian is passionate about producing relevant and engaging insight and using this to support people in providing a great service.