Meet the tutors & see which parts of the BSC programme meet your needs. In partnership with Ulster University. Tim Morruzzi from Ulster University and John Casey from The Forum will help you: 
Discuss learning needs for you and your team 
See how the programme works in practice 
Focus on the benefits of blending the best of academic and business worlds 

John is The Forum’s Course Director for the BSc programme. Previously European Director of Resource Planning at Stream Global Services, John has extensive planning and operational experience in the industry.  In current role for 8 years, John is part of The Forum’s Best Practice delivery team as well as working with students at all levels of the programme – leading both face to face and online workshops.

Tim Moruzzi works at Business Institute, Ulster University. He has a background of food science before taking role as progamme Director, BSc Customer Contact Management delivered in partnership with The Forum. Is now a familiar face at forum training programmes and seminars.