Engagement and Influence 

How do you perform to the best of your abilities in challenging environments? How can you authentically adapt and modify your performance to succeed – even when you are outside your comfort zone? How can you embody winning attributes and deliver top performance even on a bad day? 

Based on a system devised to help actors create and deliver exceptional performance in any role , this morning’s keynote speaker Mark Doyle introduces The Method – a revolutionary process that will help you to tangibly up your game and perform to the best of your abilities.


Mark Doyle, co-founder of The Method
Mark Doyle is an actor, producer and founder of The Method – a training and development company that fuses secret theatre skills with best practice business theory to help professionals deliver top performance in their role.

Based on the simple but rigorous process an actor goes through to build and perform any role – The Method unpicks the intangible qualities that successful organisations look for – confidence, charisma, impact and creativity and provides a revelatory tool box of practical techniques to help business professionals at any level deliver top performance.