North East Ambulance Service NHS Trust: The Lamp - knowledge sharing and engagement 

Learn from a great story of engagement and see how the drive of two individuals made a real difference at North East Ambulance Service.  With no budget, and in just 3 months, they developed a knowledge sharing system that is literally saving lives.  The LAMP provides an accessible portal, on SharePoint, giving access to updates and operational tools ranging from Workforce Management news to a multi-media training hub. It is fully auditable and can provide insight from frequency of usage. Creativity and the drive to deliver the best possible patient care has seen the system be embraced across the 350FTE control centre in three sites, with strong engagement ensuring the system is accurate and up-to-date.  By recognising the difficulties faced in front line roles, listening to feedback and making things easier,  the LAMP has helped the Trust achieve £12,000 savings in its first year, raised service levels from 93% to 98% (against a national average of 91% for 111 services) and increase quality. 

Who should attend? This case study will be of particular interest to small contact centres, patient care and public service organisations.  In addition, the way they have focussed on exceeding their goals and targets by making things easier for their staff, and achieved this by utilising the knowledge, tools and people they already have is something everybody can learn from.


Mark Hunter, North East Ambulance Service
Mark has worked at North East Ambulance Service for 5 years, initially as a call handler, and more recently as a trainer, team leader and a relationship manager. Mark has a strong background in customer service management having worked for the North East’s leading building society in their investment, online and 3rd party sections for almost 10 years. Mark prides himself on always working to the highest standard possible to achieve the very best in patient care.