Affinion International: ACE - Amazing customer experience 

Learn how the ACE programme focuses the whole organisation, transforming customer experience for Affinion’s clients. Gain insight into the ways in which the QA function has utilised feedback from frontline agents and now shapes not only their own processes but those of Affinion’s clients, moving from a monitoring team to a function that provides actionable customer insight and drives real change. ACE is transforming the culture, closing the 360 loop and ensuring consistency in feedback and coaching. ‘Aspirational calls’ are up by a third, complaints are almost halved year on year, handling time is down and process improvements are saving almost £50k in the first year. What’s more, what started as a local project is now being cascaded internationally, with the potential to influence changes in their business culture around the world. 

Who should attend? This story will interest anybody involved in quality and customer experience.  The way that they are working with their clients to shape their processes is a great model for anybody involved in outsourcing either as a supplier or a client and the cultural change they have imbedded within their organisation is something we can all learn from.


Gemma Martin, Affinion International
After 10 years in customer service and 3 years of those in the Contact Centre environment as a telephony agent Gemma moved into the Quality Team as a Quality Advisor at Affinion International and has spent the last 3 years looking at the customer journey and implementing changes in processes to enhance the customer experience. Gemma was a key developer in the new ACE Program at Affinion and has successfully been accredited as a Quality professional at specialist level. Gemma currently heads up the Quality team with a total of 6 Quality professionals reporting into her.