EE: Customer Service Transformation 

Gain insight from EE’s terrific example of customer service transformation in a large and established business. See how the previous operational models of two separate businesses (Orange and T-Mobile) were re-established, how work was brought back on-shore at no additional cost and how the contribution of the planning, insight and customer teams has been fundamental to success. This programme has included major technology transformation including WFM & a Single Routing Platform. The key underlying projects drove a 50% reduction in propensity to call, 40% reduction in complaints a huge jump in NPS of + 21 points and saved 14 million calls in 12 months. These changes have involved clear ownership and collaboration across the business, with amazingly granular reporting on contact reasons, FCR, NPS by reason, knowledge base insight and reporting, visible weekly tracking on progress (including CEO updates), development of speech & journey analytics, work with the business to fix broken processes and restarting their digital ambition.

Who should attend? This huge transformation within EE has something for everyone - whether you are in the Planning, Insight, Quality or Customer Experience teams or a business leader and innovator. 


Nick Lane, EE
Nick joined EE back in 2007 as Director of Strategy & Planning. He am responsible for Customer Service in their six UK contact centres and our outsource partners, as well as managing the support functions, including Design, Delivery & Quality, Strategy & Planning and Communications. Prior to EE, Nick was at AOL and have worked in the call centre industry for 16 years.

Nicola Black, EE

Nicola has 15 years experience in Planning for the Contact Centre industry, having worked for a number of both In-house and Outsource companies prior to joining EE back in 2005.  She is currently responsible for the EE Planning & Scheduling function, covering 5000+FTE spanning voice, email, back office & chat channels.