InterCall: 2020 VISION - we make communication easier 

Discover how improved culture & process supports exceptional customer experience at InterCall, through developing and energising talent across the organisation. A broad, strategic ‘2020’ vision has engaged colleagues in ‘breaking the mould’ around three ‘rings’: Right People, Quality Processes & Delight the Customer. InterCall’s vision is delivering vital business benefits in an increasingly competitive market: Record breaking performance; NPS up to +44 in the peak; 39 out of 42 Service Levels hit and a 16% reduction in cost-per-minute of support. InterCall supply world class conferencing & collaboration services, endorsing the value of communication internally as well as externally. Key policies include the IMPACT business improvement assessment tool, pushing all projects, initiatives and change through a rigorous process to assess their strategic fit, and the university accredited Learning Academy for their Customer Support team, growing the potential for high performers at all levels. Who should attend? A great case study for any organisations looking to be more focused on the development of people to deliver customer experience or gain accreditation and build professionalism. Offers value for HR, Quality, Customer Experience or Operations teams - and business leaders looking at engagement in a strategic vision or anyone interested in the Decision Matrix or the Development Academy.  


Robert Tuck, InterCall
With over 20 years of experience in the Customer Service industry, Robert, Director of WFO, has been at InterCall EMEA since October 2012 and has been responsible for developing a WFO function within a unique business environment. A previous Innovation Awards Finalist in 2012 and 2014, he has developed a team focussed on bringing the concepts of Contact Centre Planning to a wider audience. Over the past two years Robert has also taken the reigns for developing the Operational Strategy, providing a simple but effective set of principles that drive the culture of InterCall, both now and over the next five years. In 2015 he arranged and hosted department offsite engagement days, setting the 2020 Vision for Operations and investing all staff in future direction of the business.  He is also a University Recognised Teacher, delivering an internal WFO academy that has been accredited by Ulster Business School. Robert’s passion is in developing WFO teams that engage with the wider organisation and bring the people element of Planning alive.