Direct Line Group Case Study 2016: 52 weeks of green

Where some may believe that total consistency of service performance every single week is not realistic, at Direct Line, the Planning function found that this challenge has reenergised their teams and transformed their role in the business. Abandon rate is down from 7.5% to 1.5% despite 6% lower staff costs, MyCustomer scores rose 11% and engagement scores within the planning teams doubled, with empowerment to make the right decisions and understanding how their work aligns to customers’ needs. Part of a wider strategy to be brilliant @ basics and keep customer experience at the heart of everything they do, in the Customer Operations Directorate, this project has realised strategy through cross-functional collaboration - changing hearts and minds in the operation, working with marketing & other areas and raising their own game in planning. Crucially, the challenge has required new depths of insight on performance, new levels of demand reduction and agile response - if you lose service in the first few days of a week there is not much time to turn it around.

Who should attend? A key case study for planning teams, this will also be of interest to operational teams, insight teams, business leaders and anyone looking to be brilliant@basics. See how you can raise your game in planning, getting the very best out of your planning specialists and transforming collaboration with the operation, marketing and other functions.