Opening Keynote

We are delighted that Alan Williams, Founder & Managing Director at SERVICEBRAND GLOBAL will be with us to talk about the arrival of what he refers to as the Values Economy. Alan is a passionate advocate of the power and importance of front line employees in delivering a memorable customer experience and the alignment of organisations horizontally and vertically. Author of The 31 Practices, he shares thought provoking conceptual ideas as well as very practical tips to apply in practice.  

Alan Williams is Founder & MD at SERVICEBRAND GLOBAL. Alan is a published author and international speaker whose projects have delivered measurable business impact across a balanced scorecard and been recognised with industry awards. He coaches service sector organisations globally to deliver values-driven service for sustained performance. Alan is a non-executive director of BQF (The British Quality Foundation), a Faculty Member of Culture University, Founder of the newly forming Global Values Alliance, a visiting lecturer at Surrey University and a Fellow of the Institute of Hospitality. His co-authored books have received critical acclaim: THE 31 PRACTICES (for transformation of organisations) and My 31 Practices (for personal & professional development).