Team of the Year

The team at RS Components have built a team from nothing to something that the MD uses as a selling point, something that continues to be shown off throughout the business as best in class and embodies the values and passion that is a key part of the business.

AXA Direct and Partnerships have used their company vision to re-build and re-design not just the quality model but the entire quality system, working with other support teams and their colleagues to establish a truly engaged and respected quality function.

Peter Jones has been part of AXA since 2009 and worked as a call centre agent until 2010, when he joined the Quality Team. During his time with QA, Peter progressed in his role from a Quality Analyst to a Deputy Quality Team Leader, which has been a great step in his personal development. Since acquiring this role he has been able to get involved in major projects involving quality and is undertaking extra qualifications, both internal and external, to support his professional development.

Laura Currie started working with AXA in 2010 as a call centre agent within the general customer service operation whilst studying at Uni. Since graduating, Laura has worked as a Complaints Handler and a Senior Trainer before progressing to her role as Teesside’s Quality Team Leader in 2015. Since then, she has been involved in major system implementations, the re-invention of the quality programme and the development of 16 Quality Analysts into a team of true quality ambassadors, responsible for driving customer experience across the organisation.