A chance to see the cutting edge of contact centre analytics and insight. See how organisations are using the latest advances in AI and Machine learning to identify and address issues before they cause a problem.

What you will get from this session


Dr David Naylor is the Founder of Humanotics and works with organisations to deliver smarter customer experiences by building more intelligent operations. A cornerstone of this is augmenting the expertise of their people with the latest advances in artificial intelligence. David’s contribution to research into artificial neural networks in the early 90s has helped to deliver the advances we see today in commercially viable applications of AI. David is a passionate advocate of today’s AI technology but sees a clear danger that ill-considered applications, lack of good data or poor UX designs will damage brands and drive up unnecessary contact. Crucial to success is staff engagement in the deployment so that you build an augmented culture which gets the best out of both the people and the technology.


Also, learn from Richard Moore (Analytics and Insight Manager at Anglian Water) on how Anglian Water are using the latest advances in AI and Machine Learning to Identify and address issues before they cause a problem.