Release the Power of your Values for Authentic Happiness

Alan Williams, business coach and internationally acclaimed author, shares how you can enjoy a greater sense of happiness and fulfilment by living your personal values …in practice. In this session, Alan will explain how you can practice your values every day, starting today! Values are for living not for laminating.

  1. Personal values – what are they and why they are important in our context and choices (in our personal lives and at work)
  2. my31Practices – translating personal values into day to day behaviours - why and how it works and the detail of what you do to work with it
  3. Starting to create a personal set of myPractices and discussion

Take aways

Optional pre-work

In the workshop, the attendees will work with one of their own chosen personal values and will see more benefit if this is a true, considered example.  There is a free Personal Values Assessment which can be used to help the attendees develop an understanding of their personal values and identify what is really important to them. 

Alan Williams is Founder & MD at SERVICEBRAND GLOBAL. Alan is a published author and international speaker whose projects have delivered measurable business impact across a balanced scorecard and been recognised with industry awards. He coaches service sector organisations globally to deliver values-driven service for sustained performance. Alan is a non-executive director of BQF (The British Quality Foundation), a Faculty Member of Culture University, Founder of the newly forming Global Values Alliance, a visiting lecturer at Surrey University and a Fellow of the Institute of Hospitality. His co-authored books have received critical acclaim: THE 31 PRACTICES (for Be stimulated and inspired by today’s keynote speaker to release potential within yourselves, your team and your organisations – and set yourself up for the day ahead.