Analyst & Rising Stars

Ashley Handyside & Ashley Valentine at RS Components have built a suite of tools from a wide array of disparate data sources with their company values and their end users at the heart of it all. Showing the value of ‘one version of the truth’ to their stakeholders and colleagues all whilst starting out on their own professional development journeys.

Ben Cassidy from AXA Direct & Partnerships has explored made time for his team to deliver valuable Insight by automating large volumes of work.  Driving a best practice culture he has to designed a first contact resolution measure that is shaping a customer experience culture.

Ben Cassidy started working at AXA Insurance, one of the largest insurers in the UK, back in 2010 as a Customer Service agent. After working on his own development and having my potential recognised by our managers in Teesside he was offered a secondment onto our Management Information Team. From here Ben continued to push his own development, getting involved in as many projects as he could and really engaging with internal customers. At the end of his secondment rather than being sent back to the phones he was offered the position of Teesside’s Operations Analyst providing ad-hoc and post-trial analysis on all initiatives that we were running as an operation. This gave Ben the opportunity to work with other analysts and departments from the wider AXA group up and down the country as well as abroad. He kept pushing his own development and signed up to an external diploma course in Leadership and Management and he has recently taken over as the Team Leader for our Management Information team. Ben is hoping that he can use the experience and knowledge that he built up other the last few years to really push his team away from being number crunchers to being able to provide actionable insight for AXA and hopefully be Team of Year contenders in 2018.