Opening Keynote

Speakers include

Phil Anderson is Head of Best Practice (Planning) providing a range of membership support including training, research, presentations, facilitation, consultancy and corporate reviews. Beginning his career in Contact Centres in 1999 with Gold Medal Travel, Phil has been involved in all aspects of resource planning, managing an outbound sales team and specialist sales teams whilst developing a successful KPI management tool and bonus and incentive scheme.  In 2009/10 Phil had a fantastic year, completing two years of study for his advanced certificate in resource planning, winning a contact centre Innovation of the Year Award and also becoming one of the first winners of the Planning Hero Award. 

Dan Carpenter leads the sales and marketing initiatives at QStory. With over 20 years of global sales and partnering leadership experience in Contact Centers for both start-ups and mature organizations, Dan has repeatedly developed and executed highly successful strategies to drive revenues and exceed quotas. He also holds an IVR patent, is a successful novelist and owns a gym in Guildford.