L&D Showcase

At The Forum we have a clear vision: professionalise our communities. So, this year we took on the challenge of designing and delivering professional development that is completely bespoke to your needs, yet completely affordable. Join Bob Stella to find out how it works.

At The Forum we believe that L&D should provide learning that fulfils our members’ ambitions and their customers' needs while transforming the experience of working

Do you ever feel that your role is so specialised that most training is either irrelevant to you or prohibitively expensive? So do we. With over 120 online modules from just £40 and more indepth workshops or university courses for those who would value this, there is now a complete range of options to meet your budget and time.


Bob Stella joined The Forum team after being a member for over a decade during which he has been an accreditation panel member for both planning and insight professions, a Forum Hero, chatter champion, innovation award winner and a constant advocate for The Forum's values. Bob brings to the team a broad experience in transforming customer service in any industry: From the global, multisite, multinational organisation to the local two seater operation.