Say hello to accurate and dynamic Back Office Forecasting: Wave goodbye to creating more Spreadsheets!

Historically back office forecasting has been completed using a complex array of spreadsheets and by using a similar approach to the Front Office; where historical, completed volumes are used as the basis for future resource and capacity forecasts.  This approach can be resource and time hungry and could also potentially compromise the accuracy of forecasts as the use of completed volumes can incorporate hand-offs, rework and failure demand activities that can inflate supply calculations.


The eg software suite enables forecasters and planners to remove the ambiguity of forecasts by providing capability to create sophisticated demand & supply models that demonstrate the potential impact on resource and capacity achievement and futureproof service provision. In this session Phil Jones, CTO of eg solutions, shares in detail how eg forecasting provides invaluable dynamic operations management capability – all in real time!


Don’t just take our word for it - Hear also from Capita TVL on how they are applying eg forecasting to drive measurable benefits across a complex range of tasks and processes.



Phil Jones, Chief Technology Officer, eg solutions plc

Phil is responsible for the technical design of the eg back office optimisation product suite and how this contributes towards addressing global market needs. He is active in the development of eg’s future competitive strategy and how back office optimisation technology relates to optimal-decision making. As Chief Technology Officer Phil oversees eg’s technology strategy, executive-level relationships with internal and external partners, analysts and clients and manages R&D initiatives, driving architecture and ensuring quality. Phil has a broad knowledge and understanding of emerging technology and its influence on business processes and is an active external spokesperson for