Manager of the Year 

How to transform your planning team so they move from basic capacity planning to become one of the key drivers in the business. Using simplification and automation. Craig Ide from L&G has helped his team free up time to develop their skills leading to promotions.


Craig Ide, Planning Manager, L&G
Craig has 9 years of planning experience across FO, BO and blended environments within the financial and insurance sectors and have also obtained his specialist level certification with The Forum. During a brief break away from Planning, he spent 2 years as a project manager and manager of project managers delivering re-engineering efficiencies, obtaining his green belt and P2 qualifications. He currently works within the Insurance division of for Legal & General and has been in the role 3 years and absolutely loves the challenge it has presented. Starting as a relatively blank canvas to a high performing Planning team. Craig currently manage 5 FTE who plan for 1000 FTE across 14 different cost centres with a range of contact types. He is responsible for Business Planning from 8 weeks to 5 years.and is closely aligned to a range of stakeholders, most notably Operations, Simplified Service and Finance. Aside from budgetary planning, his team works with operations to understand pinch points in advance, provide strategic guidance and scenario analysis.