Planning for Digital

Your chance to see how planning methods can be used by a team planning for digital. A team who is very knowledgeable in their subject matter who drive an accurate forecast in a volatile environment. They have underpinned their success with credibility and engagement in the business. The team at Sky Betting & Gaming have transformed how they plan for social customer service.

Chris Wilkinson has worked for Sky betting and gaming for the last two and a half years leading their Planning, Resourcing and Real Time functions. Prior to this, he worked for StepChange Debt Charity for 10 years working his way from the post room to resource planning team leader. Sky betting and gaming is the U.K’s biggest online bookmaker with over 1,400 colleagues based across three UK sites the main one being in Leeds. They have a relatively small contact centre that houses 140 staff. Due to the nature of the online business, the main way to contact Sky Bet is through their online chat facility although we do offer Calls, Emails and the ever-growing world of Social media.