Team of the Year

A team of mostly self-taught analysts at Severn Trent Water have made data more visual with an interactive dashboard so that it is easier to understand and drives decisions. They have created a Resource Planning Hub bringing together experience from Real-time, forecasting and Back Office. Keen to learn they critique each other’s work so that they can continue to find ways to improve.

Matthew Memmory , Deepak Paul , Mohammed Ahmed - Severn Trent Water
The team was created with the idea of having quicker and easier access to MI that would be of use to the Resource Planning team. The team work by  bouncing ideas off of each other and constantly trying to see what they can do to “make things better” their unofficial motto. They redesigned  internal reporting for the Resource Planning team and, through this, have reached out further into the business to show how innovative reporting solutions can assist them to better serve Severn Trent Waters’ customers. Their focus is how to best tell a story,  to make it simple and easy to understand, using the  available data. They are now looking further to the future to see what reporting solutions can help colleagues plan to out the right people in the right place at the right time for their customers.