The team at ADT pushed through the difficulties to transform field planning. They formed a working party so they they got buy-in from everyone and gained buy-in. They trialled changes at branch level before rolling out nationally and took constructive feedback from the engineers to collaboratively improve planning in the centre and in the field.


Omar Mirza, Senior Planning Analyst
“My passion is challenging the status quo and delivering business insight that can drive change to improve performance, efficiencies and cost saves across the business.”

I have worked in Contact Centres for 9 years starting as a customer advisor at Barclays Bank and then as a Resource Planning Analyst, and in 2016 I joined ADT as a Senior Business Analyst. 
I have delivered considerable cost savings in Customer Service (field based engineers) whilst at the same time increasing visibility of an engineer’s performance and enhancing customer service. It gives me great satisfaction to see positive results and an improvement in business financial performance.
By working closely with engineers, managers and the senior leadership team I have been able to transform their attitudes towards change and supported them in embracing a new culture of performance that is driven by data but applied with common sense. 

Paul Worthington, Senior MI Analyst
“My passion is designing bespoke reports and creating a centralised network of information that is relevant for multiple audiences. I thrive on improvement. On taking an increasingly complex flow of information and portraying it in a way that can be easily understood.”

I have worked in an outsourcing environment for almost twenty years where the concept of change has always been commonplace.  I have worked across a very diverse client base, adapting to a variety of different work ethics and meeting their considerably different requirements. In most cases the move between each of these contracts was sudden and it is the nature of my role to facilitate the change and align or recreate reports to match the new business needs within very short timescales. It’s something I see as part of my role as a senior MI analyst. I am a problem solver by nature and change for me presents a new challenge.
I joined Tyco / Johnson Controls in 2014 and my experience has helped to create an efficient centralised reporting network, eliminating duplications and, where required, implemented systems to collate complex streams of information and translate them into a more suitable format.
I have made it my mission to understand the best approach not only in terms of designing reports, but how appropriate the display of information is portrayed. I engage with leaders to align perspective making it easier for the overall business to collectively discuss and assess the information.