15:00 - 15:40  Planning Analysts of the Year


How do we engage our organisations and forge new approaches? See how Planning Analysts can make the difference, developing new skills and approaches. Take inspiration from short presentations, the chance to ask questions and the panel discussion, taking this opportunity to reflect on how you can develop yourselves as professionals. Laura McGhie and Linda Abraham will present the story of how they achieved their success. They are joined by Lisa Brodigan for the panel questions, who is presenting as part of the Co-operative Bank presentation.

Laura McGhie, Planning Resourcer at RS Components, Analyst of the Year 2016

Laura has engaged with key stakeholders highlighting problems along with solutions. She demonstrates understanding of the importance of engagement and communicating at different levels in the business. In a relatively short space of time, Laura has not only transformed herself to a University Diploma graduate, but also transformed resource planning at RS Components.

Lisa Brodigan, Resource Advisor at Co-operative Bank, Analyst of the Year 2016

Lisa has been mindful to understand her opportunities for development as a professional, working towards the next level in her career, shadowing other roles, happy to volunteer and buddying to develop herself and others. 

Linda Abrahams, Planning Analyst at RSA, highly commended by judges in the Analyst of the Year awards.

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