11:00 - 11:40  Co-operative Bank – Maximise the Value of Planning

Develop your team as a centre of excellence, with real business impact inspiration from our award winning teams! This case study from Co-operative Bank winners of team and analyst awards – tell the story of the how the planning team developed the successes that won them their Innovation Award in April 2016.

Team of the Year – The Co-operative Bank

Winners of the overall Team of the Year for 2016, this planning team have focused on creating capacity & time so they could create the capability in the team to deliver more value. They now provide a fantastic, fully integrated end-to-end planning service and shape the strategy for their business.

Nick Flowers, Senior Manager at Co-operative Bank

Nick is a senior manager in the Co-operative Banking Group overseeing resource planning for the inbound & outbound telephony channels, business processing, claims management & customer relations areas. Nick has 12 years industry experience and was an Innovation award winner in 2005.

Lisa Brodigan, Resource Advisor at Co-operative Bank, Analyst of the Year 2016

Lisa has been mindful to understand her opportunities for development as a professional, working towards the next level in her career, shadowing other roles, happy to volunteer and buddying to develop herself and others.