Bob Stella, Head of Best Practice in Insight
0796 332 3265

Bob joins The Forum team after being a member for over a decade during which he has been an accreditation panel member for both planning and insight professions, a Forum Hero, chatter champion, innovation award winner and a constant advocate for The Forum's values. Bob brings to the team a broad experience in transforming customer service in any industry: From the global, multisite, multinational organisation to the local two seater operation. 

Most recently Bob has been focussing his creative skills on disrupting internal processes and assumptions with insight from seemingly unrelated disciplines, such as psychology, game development, crowd funding and the gig economy, to improve and transform the effectiveness and engagement of Change in our industry.
Throughout his career Bob has remained close to his mantra of fostering efficient environments where engaged people deliver extraordinary service. It is our affinity for people engagement and exceptional results that has kept Bob so close to The Forum for so long and why he will be a great asset in our joint pursuit of superior service through professionalisation.



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