Model Building

Whether you are looking to forecast headcount or call rates, build a new quality framework or evaluate alternative scenarios, we can help you build detailed models that will improve your decision making.

Case Studies and Testimonials

"Supporting a contact centre that is putting its foundations in place to double in size, the Planning Forum were asked to assist in building a forecasting and scheduling tool as investment for IT systems was not available; however the lack of any model was preventing the organisation moving forward. The PPF supported the team in providing a two day workshop in understanding the fundamentals of forecasting and scheduling and building a model that was appropriate for the business and enabled the service to move forward with flexible working, improving utilisation and staff engagement."
Emma Botfield, formerly Senior Consultant with BT in Local and Devolved Government.

RAC Corporate Contact Centres

"In an ever changing consumer led environment with a variety of contact channels, I was looking for support with building a flexible resourcing model that could handle the complexity and challenges of these channels, and ensure my teams were fit for the future. One of our largest corporate customers was looking to change their contact centre and I needed to have the tools available to deliver a robust headcount model to support this.

RAC had previously worked with The Forum, and their credentials and resourcing excellence were the foundation for selecting them to work with me on this project. Not to mention the fact that the initial conversation gave me total confidence that experts were engaged and they understood the challenges, handled things in a logical and confident manner, and made the decision to work with them perfect sense.

The speed at which The Forum were able to mobilise their teams was very impressive.  From an initial ‘can you help? Call’ to having a model available to work with and deliver took a matter of a few weeks.  On site and telephony support was available throughout which made the project easy and efficient.

The output is an agile resourcing model that gives me and my teams the flexibility to forecast channel by channel, year by year and adapt it regularly throughout the year to make sure we are working to deliver excellent service to the customer."

Carole Campbell

Corporate Contact Centre Manager



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