On-site Training and Development Academy

On site Training Programmes

Our courses cover a wide range of specialist topics. They are interactive and practical, using material derived from real-life experience. We offer support from expert tutors and the chance to gain from sharing experience with others.

Case Study 

The Forum provided a suite of tailored training programmes for one of its financial services members. Programmes were delivered for the support function and for 120 contact centre team managers, delivering increased knowledge and understanding of key contact centre principles.

Development Academy

A Learning & Development academy under your brand, run on your behalf by The Forum, can include: skills assessments, professional accreditation, University qualifications, specialist training and best practice days. A fantastic way to show a true commitment to your support professionals.

Case Study

A leading general insurer took advantage of The Forum’s services to assess the skills of the support team, deliver tailored development programmes and support team off-site days, making a real commitment to the development of its people.

Contact us to find out more on 0333 123 5960, email info@planningforum.co.uk or fill out the form on this page. All work will be preceded by a fully costed proposal. Members are eligible for discounted rates.



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All work will be preceded by a fully costed proposal. 

Members are eligible for discounted rates.


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