Capability & Benchmarking, and Interview Support

Capability & Benchmarking

Use our support to help you evaluate your planners, analysts, those involved in quality and MI and support teams. Using our skills framework we will work with you to develop a clear picture of your team’s strengths and weaknesses and report on defined skills and capability gaps or areas for development.

Case Study

Developing the Planning Team
An Outsourcer engaged the Planning Forum to evaluate the skills and capability of their Planning Team and compile a development plan. By working with the team and using the Planning Forum's unique Skills Framework a gap analysis was delivered to management, and a suite of training customised and delivered raised the profile, capability and skill level of the planning team.

Interview support  

Use our expertise to help you identify the right candidates for a role. Whether you wish us to utilise our skills framework to identify the most appropriate competencies or to set up assessment centres or just to interview candidates, we can help you shortlist and select.

Case Study

An industry body operating in financial services approached The Forum to assist with specialist recruitment into a newly formed planning function utilising The Forum’s extensive industry experience and competency framework to deliver the client’s requirements.

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All work will be preceded by a fully costed proposal. 

Members are eligible for discounted rates.


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