Discovery Audit

External evaluation of your processes, people or projects. Looking at MI, end to end processes, use of WFM, your internal quality standards and the skills of your people, we will report in detail on what is working and make recommendations of how you can improve. Discovery can be combined with our Standards Audit to enable benchmarking against other organisations.

Case Study

Building a Planning Team
A public sector organisation asked the Planning Forum to review their entire Planning set up. It had evolved over time and the organisation wanted to understand how to restructure it. A full discovery audit identified the key areas for development and resulted in a blueprint to transform the department.

“We have brought the Forum on site to work, not only with our planning functions, but also to support planning led engagement across operations. This has always been a productive use of our collective effort and helped support progression for all involved.”
Simon Butler, Planning Manager, Demand Planning & Management, Direct Line Group

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All work will be preceded by a fully costed proposal. 

Members are eligible for discounted rates.


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