Using the capability assessment framework

With over 100 capabilities applicable to a vast range of specialist roles, our comprehensive framework helps you demonstrate where your strengths lie and which areas of development would add maximum value for you, your customers and your business. Each area of skill or knowledge is specified at four levels, enabling you to identify evidence to support self-awareness and robust self-assessment. 

The detailed 100+ competency capability assessment framework is a key tool in our new professional development roadmaps. In the last year some members have achieved notable success. Three approaches  are having a powerful impact. 

  1. The managed service approach With support managers so busy, in most organisations, it is easy for coaching and development to slip. Furthermore many are not natural people-managers and this isn’t always a priority for their own development. This is why some members have asked us, to come in and run the skills assessment for their teams. Conducting one-to-one reviews using the framework, makes this straightforward and time effective for managers.
  2. The supported-manager approach Here planners, analysts and specialists are assessed using an approach where the assessment was completed by the line managers, with the support of the Forum specialists and the capability framework.
  3. The role-review approach This approach was born out of a member’s request to support the re-design of the team’s job descriptions. Working through what was needed in the role and using the capability framework as a tool to support this work, it became clear that the job description could be built around the activities and behaviours displayed in a number of competencies relevant to each role. Competencies were identified and directly linked to the elements of the new job descriptions. Through detailed discussion with the Forum specialist the relevant competency level was established for each role. Once the development of this framework was completed the assessment process commenced

Find out more about each of these approaches and what might work best for you and your team by by reading the related article below or contacting us on 0333 123 5960 or email at Read more about the skills framework

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