Standards Audit - Process

Six steps to industry Benchmarking

Because of the time involved, a formal contract of commitment is required before the auditing process can commence.

  1. We start with a full day’s training on the standards audit process, to include:
    • Understanding the competency and evidence pack
    • How to complete the framework and gather effective evidence
    • Your role in the peer assessment board
    • Arrangements for the on-site visit
    • Confidentiality commitments
    • Commitment of people and time
  2. You complete the initial self assessment and gather the appropriate evidence.
  3. You externally assess each other’s submissions, meeting as a Peer Assessment Board for a full day facilitated by the Planning Forum’s specialists to review the evidence already gathered and agree areas for further investigation.
  4. The on-site assessment day is run by the Planning Forum specialists and yourselves, along with selected members of your peer assessment board. This provides the chance to meet key people from operations and planning, gather further evidence and validate the information already provided.
  5. Finally, an assessment calibration session brings together the full Peer Assessment board and the Planning Forum specialists to review all the material gathered and sign off the final level.
  6. After the calibration, the Planning Forum accreditation team complete an accreditation pack, which include: certificate and plaque, website recognition, use of business accreditation logo, report and road map.

To reserve your place on the programme or to discuss it in more detail please contact us on 0333 1235960 or email



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