Standard Audit - Benefits

A detailed and robust assessment

Our approach to the Standards Audit is unique and thorough, because it builds on our respected benchmarking and best practice methods and uses learning that comes from practical experience among hundreds of members and students.  The detailed accreditation framework is based on our already-established skills framework. This is no tick-box exercise and not just a stamp of approval.  We provide a full report, industry benchmarks and a road map for improvement.  Each assessment is undertaken in a non-competitive peer group.  You assess others and they assess you.  We provide the framework, specialist expertise and manage the process.


  • External benchmark of your planning function against industry standards
    Detailed report outlining strengths and weaknesses.
  • Recommendations for improvement in key competencies
  • Understanding of how you rank against the industry in each competency area
  • Gain insight by peer assessment and planning
  • Industry-wide recognition of your company’s commitment to planning


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