Standards Benchmarking and Accreditation - Overview

Benchmark assessments for planning and analysis 

Over 30 organisations are completing the Planning Standards

Standards now available for Analytics & Insight

Join the new pilot for the Quality Benchmarking


How do you know vital support functions do a great job?

Apply a proven framework to assess each aspect of your support function … Demonstrate independently how good your team is compared to others … Gain extraordinary access to see how other organisations work … Build a robust roadmap for continuous improvement … Be confident that you are investing in the right places

Don’t try to be perfect before you start! An outside-in perspective gives focus to your opportunities for development and the progress you have already achieved.

How often do you get the chance to experience in this way how other businesses operate? It’s established a common goal for the team. We can see how far we’ve come.”


Richard Aldous, Resource Planning Leader, Severn Trent Water

“ It’s been a great experience for us. We’ve seen how other teams work, and our teams have taken the standards roadmap into the Challenge, to support them in making these changes.”


James Taylor, Head of Resource Planning, RSA

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Standards Benchmarking creates solid evidence of your strengths and a detailed roadmap for development. in each ares of capability, you get to see your ranking. Knowing you starting position and going after the right opportunities can help you achieve impact and credibility within your organisation, as we as recognition in the professional community. You follow five steps:

Step 1: Self-Assessment
Step 2: Peer Review
Step 3: Standards Report
Step 4: Development Roadmap
Step 5: Accreditation



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