Standards Audit - Overview

Benchmark audits for planning and analysis 

How do you know your planning and analysis function is doing a good job?

Maybe you have been tasked with becoming a ‘world class’ planning function or asked to justify the value your team are providing?  It’s a common request from board-level directors.

Following a successful pilot, our Standards Audit is now available for new entrants. Join Direct Line Group, Tesco Bank Insurance, RSA, NHS Direct and BT Retail, who have successfully achieved this standard.

This is your opportunity to gain external, independent evidence about the success of your planning function.  We help you assess how you work and the impact you are achieving, by using a detailed framework that identifies the level of maturity evidenced in each of the key planning capabilities.  We use external assessment to validate this and provide benchmark information.

The Standards Audit will be awarded at three levels.  Each assessment identifies areas in which you can improve or further develop and you are provided with a full report and a roadmap for further development. Use the links on this page to find out more about this exciting programme. 

Read what some of our members have to say about their experience below and watch the videos where members describe what the Standards Audit means to them and their organistation and their experience of the 2nd year re-assessment process.

Tracy Johnson, Planning Lead, RSA: “It will start to be seen as a real achievement. You can sometimes be so consumed in your own processes, that you  never lift your head up to refresh and especially don’t automatically benchmark against the industry. RSA looked at this as a real opportunity.”

Steve Grainger, Instructure Manager, Tesco Bank Insurance: “The outputs of the evaluation provide a clear focus for improvement”, he explains, “it is also a great way to acknowledge what the team is already achieving on a day to day basis, in an area which can often be  overlooked when things are going well, but challenged when service delivery is poor. Finally, by taking the opportunity to engage key stakeholders in the process, you raise the profile of the team and increase the level of engagement from them, when it comes to driving improvements across the organisation through to delivery.”

Gill Kemp, Director of Operational Support, NHS Direct: “This was a fantastic chance to benchmark our resource planning department against an industry standard accredited framework which we have never done before as this is the first accredited framework of its kind. We have done lots on benchmarking previously on a more informal basis, though this time was different as it was about comparing what we have in place to a well thought through accredited framework that I believe will be industry recognised by many going forward.”

Read the full article about the experiences of the first five members to successfully achieve this industry benchmark. Alternatively use the links on this page, call us on 0333 123 5960 or email

Click here to read an article on Accreditation first published in the 2012 Best Practice Guide Planning for Peak Performance.

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