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The process is quite simple.  You will be taken through a form and need.

1) Payment method - we currently only accept PayPal, Credit and Debit cards.  We intend to add Direct Debit capabilities later.   At this stage payment is taken through the paypal portal and a receipt will be sent to  you upon completion. Once payment has been made, links to the application form will appear on this page.  This is automatic but you may need to refresh.

2) Information about your career - this will take 15 - 20 minutes to complete.  You will have the option to save the form mid-way and return later to complete submission.  Use the link to Accreditation Application Form to access form (appears once payment made).

3) Copy of your CV (can be added later)

Following submission of your initial form you may be asked for supplementary information about your current job role - you will be notified of this by email after submission including link.

You will also be invited to complete our skills assessment as part of the application.  This should take 15 - 20 mins and you will be sent an email with a unique user ID & password for the skills portal.  This is a tool which accredited members can access at any time as part of their own professional development.

Finally, 30 days after your accreditation is approved, you will be invited to start completing your personal learning log.  This learning log is your evidence of ongoing professional development and the evidence provided will ensure your accreditaion level is automatically renewed each year (subject to payment being made).  It is also a useful tool for use in internal 1-1's and appraisals.

Once you have been accredited you will gain access to the Accredited professional section of our website which will open in mid January.  This will provide you with case studies and other useful material to assist your professional development as well as allowing accredited members to share their development items, links to interesting articles, etc....

To accredit yourself - click on the 'pay now' button to start the process.  After payment is made return to this page and select the link for "Application Form" in the right hand column.




Click the link above to start your membership now. You will be able to pay using a Paypal account, credit card or debit card. Please note: For security protection, the "Subscribe Now" button only works if you are logged into The Forum website.
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