Accredited Professionals Costs & Practicalities


  • For just £7.50 per month paid through PayPal
  • Other payment options can be arrange upon request
  • Free for many corporate members as part of their Forum Membership package

Application and Community

  • Web based assessment and application form to be completed including CV and personal statement of learning and development commitment
  • Access to a specialist social media portal (Chatter) only accessible by other accredited members, to share learning, challenges and support with each other


  • Peer review by the advisory panel normally confirms your accreditation level within a month, 

Four levels recognise each stage of your professional career

Accredited Foundation Professional

Takes personal responsibility in your role, with the skills to perform required tasks to a good level and contribute ideas to support continuous improvement. Passionate about planning and your own development as a professional, regularly taking steps to learn from other organisations and build your own capabilities.

Accredited Specialist Professional

Effective and takes initiative in a wide range of tasks, using insight and experience to make recommendations and engage stakeholders at many levels. Passionate about improvement, taking advantage of qualifications or other learning opportunities, building your professional network and contributing in discussion or hosting events.

Accredited Professional Member

Recognised internally and externally as an expert and role model for planning, confidently handling complex or strategic tasks and taking judgements in ambiguous or sensitive areas. With qualifications or deep experience, you will be actively developing the profession, contributing to push the boundaries of good practice and invited to speak, write or moderate discussions.


With wide experience at a very senior level in planning and a track record for excellence, innovation, customer focus and effective business contribution, fellows are recognised outside the organisation, as actively sharing and adopting best practice, and passionately contribute to build the profession. By invitation only; nominations welcome.

Reward and Career Progression

  • An accreditation certificate, a lapel pin and the right to use the accreditation in your communications.
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Accredited Professionals Programme


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