Continuous Professional Development

Accreditation recognises your commitment to activities appropriate to your learning, improvement and best practice. To evidence this, accredited professionals plan on 8-9 hours a month, sharing insight and ideas amongst peer groups in our CPD community and applying it to make a difference in your organisation. A few examples of how this time can be made up include:-

  • Attend/Host a formal site visit
  • Attend/Host an informal benchmarking visit
  • Attend/Host a local networking group
  • Attend/Contribute to an on-line discussion group
  • Attend/Contribute to a webinar
  • Attend/Contribute to vendor/technology user group
  • Complete surveys/research
  • Attend/Host strategy groups
  • Attend/Contribute to industry conferences
  • Attend/Contribute to industry seminars
  • Enter awards
  • Judge awards
  • Read/Contribute to web based articles/discussions
  • Read/Contribute to print based articles

You can use our personal professional accreditation social media portal (Chatter) to update activities undertaken, learning gained and best practice recommendations. Accredited members are encourages to use the portal to share this content with the professional accreditation community.



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