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Year round support for best practice and professionalism

Membership is your gateway to many different levels of support. It acts as a ‘wrapper’ around all the programmes that you are involved with in The Forum. This allows member organisations to prioritise areas that have direct impact in their business.

Introductory corporate membership starts from £4500 + VAT and offers a great platform to access a range of key member benefits. We’re here to help you develop the capability of each professional support function, raise standards and drive improvements to deliver your business imperatives. Many members are now moving beyond basic membership, to plan an annual membership programme of focussed improvement using our comprehensive best practice, professionalism, development & support services.

The next step is a meeting with a Forum specialist to ensure that your membership package meets your organisational and personal needs and that you get maximum value from your investment.

Professional Corporate Members: maximising professional capability

Some organisations take membership to the next level, by building up a strategic organisational capability in support functions that are critical to the business. As well as engaging in our events and challenge programmes, they will have:-

  • Robust standards benchmarking & improvement roadmaps for key professional functions.
  • Rigorous development plans for new team members and continual learning for all.
  • Retained and developed experienced Accredited Professionals & Professional Members.
  • Gained recognition for innovation and improvement that adds value in their business.

Corporate Members: invest in professional capability

Membership reflects the size and imperatives of the business, to ensure there is direct benefit from:

  • The year-long Challenge programme in one or more of the professional communities.
  • Our four prestigious national Awards and Conferences and the Leadership Forum.
  • Introducing Professional Accreditation and development to close skill gaps.
  • Improvement projects that raise performance or support corporate initiatives.

We have active member organisations in every sector who have demonstrated the benefits of investing in professionals and giving their people permission to engage. They recognise the value that is added by confident, skilled professionals. The level of engagement by your teams is matched by The Forum team, to understand your business, the needs of your function and your people. 

Individuals: get involved even if your organisation doesn’t invest

While many individuals are funded by their employer, and corporate members can now upgrade nominated members to be Accredited Professionals at no extra cost, Professional Accreditation and Continuing Professional Development costs just £6.50 a month, giving access to virtual learning and our specialist CPD network. The university programmes may be funded (or part-funded) by student loans and often an organisation will fund places for professionals at specific conferences or awards programmes, even if they don’t invest to become corporate members. Find out more

Associate Members and Sponsorship Opportunities

Suppliers, consultants and others play a vital role in the life of The Forum, offering depth & breadth of experience across many operations. Membership often includes:-

  • Active participation in member events, challenges, conferences and awards programmes.
  • Contribution of resources for our virtual learning environment and publications.
  • Brand coverage across events, webinars, emails, publications and online activities.
  • Sponsorship – a key income stream that keeps costs lower for other members.

Find out more

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Click the link above to start your membership now. You will be able to pay using a Paypal account, credit card or debit card. Please note: For security protection, the "Subscribe Now" button only works if you are logged into The Forum website.
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