Accreditation for Planning Professionals

Recognising excellence: independent accreditation for your personal skills
Are you ready to stretch yourself at each stage of your professional career? Our comprehensive framework enables you to focus your development and to credibly evidence your knowledge or experience. As part of our professional community you are never on your own; we are passionate about helping each other to make an effective difference.

Personal accreditation & support for your professional development.
As an Accredited Professional in the Professional Planning Forum your skills are independently recognised. For just £7.50 per month – free for many corporate members – you can evidence your experience and access our professional network. 

How we can help you make a difference
You are not on your own. We are passionate about helping each other, making a difference and recognising both excellence and innovation. Widely recognised as the ‘go-to place’ for support teams and business leaders in customer operations, the Forum helps professionals recognise how what they do is important, define skills or performance gaps and create a roadmap for improvement and continuing development.

Specialist Capability & Skills Framework
With over 100 capabilities applicable to a vast range of specialist roles, our comprehensive framework helps you demonstrate where your strengths lie and which areas of development would add maximum value for you, your customers and your business. Each area of skill or knowledge is specified at four levels, enabling you to identify evidence to support self-awareness and robust self-assessment.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
Accreditation recognises your commitment to activities appropriate to your learning, improvement and best practice. To evidence this, accredited professionals plan on 8-9 hours a month, sharing insight and ideas amongst peer groups in our CPD community and applying it to make a difference in your organisation.

Access to learning and best practice resources
As an accredited professional, you get access to our online professional development portal, annual best practice guide and virtual events such as webinars or on-demand videos – as well as a quarterly best practice newsletter and access to professional networking opportunities.

3 steps to your accreditation certificate… it’s easy to get started

  1. Choose the level appropriate to your experience and register at the top right-hand side of this page and complete your application today.
  2. Once registered, we will email you access to the competency framework, so you can begin your self-assessment, providing evidence by example and completing a short test.
  3. Peer review by the advisory panel normally confirms your accreditation level within a month, at which point we send you your accreditation certificate, a lapel pin and the right to use the accreditation in your communications.

Accreditation is designed to recognise the individual’s commitment to their own professional development and to best practice as a whole across the industry. Attaining each level will be based on evidence of experience, learning and commitment to best practice, with applicants expected to commit at minimum 100 hours per year (8-9 hours per month) to their continual professional development.

See these videos that show you how the process works.



Click the link above to start your membership now. You will be able to pay using a Paypal account, credit card or debit card. Please note: For security protection, the "Subscribe Now" button only works if you are logged into The Forum website.
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