Professional development using the skills assessment framework

The detailed 64-competency skills assessment framework is a key tool in our new professional development roadmaps. In the last year some members have achieved notable success. Steve Woosey identifies three approaches that are having a powerful impact.
Sporting heroes give us a fantastic example of how to get the best from ourselves and our teams. In this Olympic year, it’s clear that their phenomenal performances don’t happen by accident. They know clearly what their goals are, what their current performance level is and what they need to do to close the gap. Above all, they are absolutely focused on their development, because this is what drives their performance results.
Stop and think about it for a moment. Isn’t this also absolutely true in getting the most from professional planners,  analysts and all members of your support team? We need to know what we are trying to achieve and where we are now. Surely, a clear picture of your strengths and weaknesses is an indispensible starting point, put together with clearly defined skills gaps or areas for development.
First published in the 2012 Best Practice Guide Planning for Peak Performance
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